mtd music: MTD - Dividing You Up (The Vulture Song)

It's not like this is really what's going on in my head in such a situation but more of my disgust with the folks who really do think like this, and let me tell you, there are a lot of them.

mt headed things: New Edition/Addition

After 41 years on this planet, I just realized there's no difference between the words "Addition" and "Edition". Not really. You can use them interchangeably. You can go around switching them all you want and nobody would notice, or care. When a magazine has a new edition, it's a new addition to the series. It's one in the same. I'm all for having a fun and colorful language but redundancy is redundancy redundancy. So, the next time you wanna sing a New Edition song, like maybe "Cool It Now," and everyone wants to sing along, inside, you can smile, because little did they know, you were secretly singing a New Addition song. Go get some more MT Headed Thoughts To Be Vindicated.

mtd music: MTD - Meet Me Here (Tribute To Orlando)

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Meet Me Here (Tribute To Orlando)

Meet me here
In the place where we sang and danced
In the place where we are comfortable
Where we're allowed to fall in love

Meet me here
In the place where you can hold my hand
In the place where we can kiss unjudged
Where we all fell in love

Cuz our love
Is for the two of us
May be a different kind of love
But, baby, that don't mean
It's a lesser love
Then they have

mt headed thing: How Does Thou Scare Me, Let Me Count The Ways

Kids freak me out. Old people too. And mentally ill. And left handed people. And conjoined twins. And regular twins. And politicians. My worst fear is a left-handed mentally ill elderly adolescent conjoined twin running for office.

There's literally a million other kinds of people I'm afraid of as well, but you get the picture. Scientologists come to mind. I'm also highly suspicious and freaked out by anyone who is certain of anything.

Now I'm starting to think of individuals I'm afraid of and Axl Rose seems to be on the top of the list. Followed close behind by virtually every televangelist. I'm not so much afraid of Kim Jung-Un. I'm much more afraid of all the silly folks who let him rule them, basically every North Korean. It's like a whole nation of mentally abused people. And the idea that that can happen, and is happening, scares me to death. Oh, and then there's anyone who knocks on my door-those people scare me the most!

mt headed memoriam: Garry Shandling

"It's Garry Shandling Show" was a real eye-opener back then. I found it mesmerizing and sharply witty. And what insight into the medium, especially since I spent much of my formative years watching far too many 80's sitcoms, making it imperative that I get a nice wake up call to help me unblur the lines between reality and fantasy. And that's when Garry Shandling and his little show came along. It didn't even try to trick me. Instead, Garry Shandling smirked and winced his way around the walls and sets of unreality, making a show that was real enough to touch and jarringly funny in the process. On a stroll, or maybe a short golf cart trek, through my museum-sized television memories and comedy remembrances, Garry Shandling will always represent a very easy-going and yet deftly and charmingly awkward take on comedy, from "The Gong Show," to "It's Garry Shandling Show," to "The Larry Sanders Show." Even thinking about Garry Shandling now, with his big devilish grin, a grin that spoke volumes, telling you, "I know and so do you, how absurd and ridiculous it all is," makes me smile to no end. Thank you for that. Now, I know it sucks, and, I know you'd really love to stay up just a little bit longer, unfortunately it's time to go to sleep. So, sleep well.