mt headed things: Dr. Trump

Public Service Announcement: Until further notice, it might be a good idea to ignore Dr. Trump. IT MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE! According to this article, Dr. Trump is in grave danger of losing his imaginary medical license. If this were to happen, we fear, it won't matter, because, as far as imaginary medical licenses go, when you lose them, it's very easy to attain a replacement imaginary medical license. As this may not bode well for the average American, who is looking to Dr. Trump for medical advice, given that Dr. Trump is their primary care physician, it bodes very well for Dr. Trump, who relies very heavily on his imagined expertise in many tangible and intangible fields of study, including how he was able to basically BS his way to the oval office, thanks in large part to these average Americans. Be safe, my fellow Americans. And if you see this orange man, do not attempt to apprehend or comprehend. Again, doing so, MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE. #drtrump #trumpvirus #trumpgenocide

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