mt headed thing: Trump's Virus, Trump's Name On The Stimulus Checks - Seems Fair #trumpvirus #trumpgenocide

I'm not sure what all the uproar is about. This virus, or at least a large part of its power and ability to spread, was due to the Trump administration's mishandling of it, so why shouldn't he be allowed to print his name on the stimulus checks? In a way, you could say the stimulus checks are sponsored by Trump, bought and paid for by Duh Fuhrer Orange himself, with his colossal, catastrophic bumbling. These $1200 checks are probably his greatest accomplishment as president. All it cost him was 26,059 American lives and counting, which as a megalomaniac with narcissistic personality disorder, held no value to him anyway. So, yeah. Gee. Thanks for the $1200, Duh Fuhrer Orange. Yeah. I see you put your name right on it. Good job.

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