mt headed thing: Der Fuhrer Orange At It Again #trumpvirus #trumpgenocide

It's a little hard to have checks and balances when the president has the power to fire anyone who might call him on his potential wrongdoings. The sad thing is, he does this all in the open. And there's no public outcry. Definitely not from his adoring fans, who, I guess, are so used to the flavor of the Trump Koolaid, they just keep drinking it up. Or possibly they remain silent because they're afraid their heads might be the next to roll. All these firings, every one of them, is an act of a very self-conscious, paranoid, and seemingly guilty person. There's no doubt it's an abuse of power. Anyone who has the power to fire anyone who might challenge them or at the very least make them accountable for their actions, and then exercising that power, repeatedly, is basically taking a roundabout way to creating their own fascist state. So, I guess, after long-last, the comparisons to Hitler are complete, and nobody should blink an eye when we all give him a collective Hail, Trump! In fact, if you don't hail to Der Fuhrer Orange, you might get shot, or in this case, just vilified and fired, and at the very least you will have to go without the needed medical supplies to combat this virus.

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