mt headed thing: Can't Hardly Wait For Show-Me State Child-Brides!

50 Missouri Lawmakers Voted Ooooh-Yeah! Sign me up! on rustling up a shiny new child-bride next time you're Missouri way! Call it another reason to come to Branson! Yee-haw! It's Missouri's way of giving all you 50-year-old men with an eye on a certain 12-year-old girl a glimmer of hope, that maybe next year will be the year you can finally make that certain someone an honest young lady. That is, if you still think 13 constitutes a young lady and not a dried-up old hag. I mean, who wants that? Ew. Can I get a witness, Jerry Lee? Missouri; the Bible Belt, puppy mills, crystal-meth, and Branson. And now, soon to come, back by popular demand, child-brides! (In response to River Front Times Article Posted By Danny Wicentowski on Tue, Feb 20, 2018Find more MT Headed Things like this here.

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