mt headed thing: How's That For Romance?

If you're a woman and you like a guy to take control or even be a tad aggressive, well, you might have missed your window. You might even say time's up. After this story, I'm starting to think dates are going to have to be done differently. With a long pre-date contract stating what is to be expected, and what's contingent on what. And with witnesses. We can't rely on ourselves to interpret each others signals. I mean, we're only consenting adults, here. What do we know? The stakes are too high. The margin for error is too great. So, say goodbye to spontaneity, or nature taking its course, and say hello to a clear and concise pre- or maybe mid-date contract presented by the woman, or the woman's designated witness, to be followed strictly by the man, in accordance with the man's designated witness, to ensure that both parties are of sound mind and body and ready to proceed. How's that for romance? Find more MT Headed Things like this here.

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