mtd memoriam: George Kennedy/Dragline World Shaker

If you should feel an earthquake or even a small tremor in the next few days, be advised, Cool Hand Luke and Dragline have been reunited and more than likely there's going to be some world-shakin' going on. Cool Hand Luke is easily one of the greatest movies ever made, firmly imprinted in my mind, equally for its story and message. Paul Newman and George Kennedy as Cool Hand Luke and Dragline, respectively, completely embodied these characters, bringing them to life. On February 28th, Sunday morning, on the day of the Oscars, George Kennedy went to sleep for the last time. My heart goes out to him and his family and his spirit, which a small piece of will live on forever, on display in this masterful film. So, before we all shuffle off this mortal coil, let's remember to do a little world-shakin' of our own, if not for Cool Hand Luke and Dragline, than for yourself.

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