mt headed thing: How Does Thou Scare Me, Let Me Count The Ways

Kids freak me out. Old people too. And mentally ill. And left handed people. And conjoined twins. And regular twins. And politicians. My worst fear is a left-handed mentally ill elderly adolescent conjoined twin running for office.

There's literally a million other kinds of people I'm afraid of as well, but you get the picture. Scientologists come to mind. I'm also highly suspicious and freaked out by anyone who is certain of anything.

Now I'm starting to think of individuals I'm afraid of and Axl Rose seems to be on the top of the list. Followed close behind by virtually every televangelist. I'm not so much afraid of Kim Jung-Un. I'm much more afraid of all the silly folks who let him rule them, basically every North Korean. It's like a whole nation of mentally abused people. And the idea that that can happen, and is happening, scares me to death. Oh, and then there's anyone who knocks on my door-those people scare me the most!

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