mt headed thing: Doo-Doo Head Number 1 or Doo-Doo Head Number 2

I wonder if our country doesn't deserve the Bern. Perhaps our country deserves doo-doo head number 1 or doo-doo head number 2. Kinda like in school, when you really wanted a certain teacher but got mr. doo-doo head instead, and as it turned out you learned a lot from mr. doo-doo head, and even, by the end of the school year developed a certain fondness for mr. doo-doo. This is commonly referred to as the doo-doo effect. Of course, it wasn't until years later, when you found out on Facebook that mr. doo-doo head is currently serving time for, well, all the doo-doo stuff you kinda knew all along he was into, which is why you didn't want mr. doo-doo head to be your teacher in the first place. Anyway, that's who our next president will be, doo-doo head number 1 or doo-doo head number 2. Hurray for us. When you all could have had the Bern.

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