mt headed things: Stroking Our Inner Caveman

Words from a former fellow weirdo and mother: "My son told me that Donald Trump won his school's mock election... he was really upset because he knows that Trump is not a nice person... "Mom, he made fun of disabled people. That's just mean." My kid sees it... I see it... what are we missing that makes Trump seem like a good candidate??" And here's my response: I think Trump appeals to everyone's inner caveman. Some folks are just more evolved, or at least less in touch with their inner caveman, and as a result immune to Trump's "charm". All the mean things we've ever thought, all the things that this pesky being-civilized-thing compelled us to suppress, are now suddenly validated, or even justified, and that really makes our inner caveman feel good. And that's what Trump does. He strokes our inner caveman's belly.

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