mt headed things: COOCHYnecologists!

Should there really be a GUY in gynecologist? If I was a woman, I think I'd have to put my foot down! I'd have to get my feet out of those stirrup thingies and stand up and put my foot/feet down and say, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna to take it anymore!" Sure, I'd be causing a scene. Remember, I'm a woman now, so, given women's crazy amount of surging whacked-out hormones, we tend to get a wide berth, so to speak, when we're causing a scene. "As a woman, I'm declaring that gynecologists no longer be called GUYnecologists! From now on, we're calling them COOCHYnecologists! I literally, just now, came up with that, so I'm not sure if we're gonna go with that. All I'm saying is, as a woman, I think it's very uncool that some joker, from like a million years ago, thought it would be SO hilarious to put the word GUY in gynecologist. Well, enough is enough! I am woman hear me roar! From now on, we're calling them LADYnecologists! There, that sounds better! Who's with me?"

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