mt headed thing: My Wife Was A Black Man

My wife has some weird dreams. Last night she dreamed that her and her friend, Bethany, were shopping at the mall and went up some stairs and found some jewelry and went into a jewelry store to turn it in to lost and found and then went out a door but then found herself alone and outside the mall and couldn't figure out how to get back in and then somebody was coming up behind her to mug her and she told him he was only trying to mug her because she was a [N word] and she said it real loud so another black man [yes, at this point in her dream my wife was a black man] and the other black man, who was thuggish-looking, beat up the mugger. So, let's review. My wife, although she doesn't use the N word in real life, used it in her dream, which wasn't all that bad, I guess, since she was a black man at the time.

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