mt headed things: Things Donald Trump Might Say Next

Things Donald Trump might say next: "America is great. I'm great. And every other country sucks." "You can check. I've never pooped. Pooping is for losers." "I can buy and sell cancer ten times over." "Sure, I could buy the presidency but I rather wait and see if I can win it fair and square." "Muslims smell. And so do immigrants. Just ask them. They'll tell ya. But you can't trust them." "I would blow up the whole world if it was in the best interest of America." "Thanks to me and other powerful white people, black people have come a long way." "You can freeze my head and in a 100 years bring my head back to life and stick it on a tree stump and I'd still beat a woman in a straight election." "I think Indians wanted to give us this country. They weren't doing anything with it. And now they make millions with their casinos. If you ask me, we did them a huge favor taking this country from them." "Hispanics are hard workers, and work for peanuts, literally in some cases, so they'll always have a place in this country. And so will elephants for that matter." "One of my biggest supporters are the KKK and I have no problem with that. After all, they've never done anything to me." "If my political opponents know what's good for them, they'll get out of my way. Most of them are fat and ugly anyway." "I've seen your wife. And if you think she's attractive, who cares what else you think." "If you think I'm out of touch with the plight of most Americans, than you are right. Who wants to be in touch with lazy and stupid losers? I only want winners to vote for me." "Of course I'm loyal. Ask anybody. Especially my ex-wives, who I continue to support to this day even though they got old and ugly." "Sure, I'd marry my daughter in a second. If that was legal. Lot's of things are gonna change when I become president." "Illegal aliens and space aliens alike are ruining this country. All space creatures outside the US are losers." "I wish I invented vanilla ice cream. I would be even richer than I am today. And every carton of ice cream would have my name on it. And a waterfall. You can't beat that kind of branding." "I'm not an egomaniac. I just happen to know and feel and am worth more than any other living being on the planet. And the fact that I've never told anybody that until this instant makes me more humble than any living being, too." "My ideal woman is beautiful and gorgeous and attractive and stunning. My ideal woman is a lot of things." "Poverty makes me sick. Literally. Whenever I'm around poor people, I wanna throw-up. Mostly because they smell. And are very unattractive." "If China wants an economic war than we'll give them an economic war. The first thing we'll do is close down all these Chinese restaurants and deport the owners. They had their chance to open an American style restaurant but they chose to open a Chinese style restaurant instead. Not good, Charlie Chan. Screw you and the dragon you rode in on." "My body is stunning. Just ask my wife. And if she tells you otherwise, remind her that she can be replaced. And more than likely already has. In my opinion." "TV was boring until I came along. Politics was boring until I came along, too. People love me. And if they don't, they're probably losers. Like Rosie O'Donnell. Not an attractive woman." "Jesus Christ was the first Trump. And then some losers killed him. But like a true Trump, he rose again. The only thing that makes me question this is he waited three days. If it were me, I would have rose much sooner."

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