mt headed things: Happy HAMBURGER Everyone!

So, if I say, "Happy holidays," and you say, "No! It's merry CHRISTMAS!" What would you have said if I said, "Happy Hanukkah"? Or would you have just punched me in the face? What about, "Happy Arba'een"? You probably would have locked me up? Can we just say, "Happy holidays," and be done with it? It's just silly. And presumptuous. To assume everybody thinks or does everything you do. Like, for instance, let's pretend, instead of talking about holidays, we were talking about lunch. I would say "Have a good lunch." and you would say, "No! It's have a good HAMBURGER!". And I would say, actually, "I wasn't going to have a hamburger. I was going to have a salad." And you would say, "This is America! We have HAMBURGERS." And I would say. "Not everybody's having a hamburger, are they?" And you would say, "I'm not gonna argue with you. You're eating a HAMBURGER! If you don't like hamburgers, you should get the heck out of America!" And I would say, "What about that guy over there? He's eating a taco." And you would say. "No. That's a hamburger!" "Okay, what about that girl? She has sushi." "Hamburger! This is America! If you don't like it, leave!" And I would say, "I kind of wish I could leave YOUR America."

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