mt headed things: Being My Age

I'm getting to the age when young people, especially kids, can't fathom being my age. I'm at the age I can tell college freshmen I still remember the day Kennedy was shot. Then again, with my early-age hair-loss, I could tell them that when I was 27, and did. Keep in mind, I was born in 1974. Also, I like to throw in the bombing drills, when all us children were directed to crawl under our desks, as if our desks would save us somehow. To this day, I'm convinced, if I could figure out how to carry an elementary school desk over my head everywhere I go I would be virtually indestructible. I can tell young people all sorts of things like this. Sometimes the stuff I can tell them is true. Like how all of us children were absolutely devastated when the Challenger exploded, and how Christa Mcauliffe made us cry our eyes out all the way home. Sure, it sometimes feels bad telling young people all these things. But young people are tougher than you think, and they don't let things affect them too much, especially when they're looking at their phones the whole time you're BS-ing them.

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