mt headed things: The Leave Your Phone At Home Challenge

It's the leave your phone at home challenge! As you know, today is the leave your phone at home challenge. I challenge you to go out and do something and leave your life support system - I mean your phone at home. CAUTION, if you choose to accept this challenge you may discover things like looking around, seeing various things, nature, people, but mostly you'll just see people on their phones. You might see something unusual, maybe a cute or rare animal. And then wish you had your phone to capture it in space and time forever. Or you could just look at it. Admittedly, capturing it in your mind isn't as permanent as a pic but it can still be pretty cool. Kind of like all the stuff you used to capture in your mind pre-cellphone era. Unless you're one of those people who think life didn't exist pre-cellphone era or nothing happened pre-facebook era, but I'm sure they did. I'm almost certain.

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