mt headed thing: Yeah, But What About The F-Team?

Everybody's always going on and on about the A-Team and how Awesome they are. You got Hannibal the mastermind, Face the cute one, Murdoch the nutball, and BA the Big Angry one. Yeah but what about the B-Team? Or The C-Team? Their adventures were never televised and I'd like to know why. But more than all those guys, I'd like to know about the seldom-heard of F-Team. You got Pooky the illiterate cow patty collector and faulty tactician leader, Chunkmeister the morbidly obese lady's man with a passion for renaissance fairs, Gilly the completely delusional half-man half-fish equestrian and small engine repair man, and Nunny-Knicker the hand to hand combat specialist and compulsive nun's underwear stealing ex-altar boy and golf cart driver. If you think the A-Team got into some dangerous scrapes, you should really check out the F-Team, who not only got into some dangerous scrapes, but also compounded each dangerous scrape with their uncanny ability to make things worse, especially at the end of each scrape when they tried to make some kind of device out of wire hangers, spaghetti sauce, twine, twigs and berries in an effort to thwart the bad guys but in actuality only confused them long enough for the A-Team to come along and - big whoop - save the day. We must never Forget the F-Team!    

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