mt headed things: Spam Casserole

Instead of guns, I will substitute a spam casserole. America has a lot of spam casserole. And they stink to high heaven. America stinks to high heaven with all this spam casserole. I would like to, I know I'm just dreaming, but I would really like to get rid of spam casserole. ALL the spam casserole in the America! Leave it for the professionals, like the enforcement and the army. Let them deal with the burden of spam casserole. I know it's our right to have our own spam casserole. But it stinks. And our people as a society are misusing spam casserole, bringing it to schools and making everybody eat it. It's terrible. And it stinks. People will say, if we don't make our own spam casserole, the criminals will make the spam casserole. We need to control the stink! Otherwise, only the criminals will control the stinky stenchy spam casserole. I for one am against the use of spam casserole. Especially mass produced spam casserole, which could only be used to create a mass stench throughout the land. What if you like to hunt with spam casserole, you ask? Well, isn't there another way you could hunt? A less stinky way? Perhaps a bow and arrow. That sounds challenging. Nope. I think America might be addicted to spam casserole. The only way we're gonna get spam casserole out of America is if we pry it out of their cold dead hands. Fine. Have it your way. At this rate, that may be a distinct possibility. Or stinky possibility. Ugh

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