mt headed things: Old Enough To Pay The Ultimate Price, But Not Old Enough To Drink

Something I've never been able to understand about America is why on earth is the drinking age 21 years old? At 16 you're old enough to drive. You can be trusted to conduct yourself responsibly, and apply what you've learned thus far in life, and not lose control and kill yourself and everybody around you with that vehicle, and yet, you can't be trusted to apply these same principles to drinking. Fine. Well, what about 18, when you're old enough to join the military and potentially go off to fight, kill or possibly be killed in a war? You can be trusted to have the sense and maturity to make a decision like laying down your life for this country, and yet, you can't be trusted to have a beer. I love America but there are some simple things like the hypocrisy involving age and what's expected of us at a particular age that simply don't make sense. So, the next time you see a serviceman or woman, be sure to thank them for their service, and for God's sakes, if they so wish, buy them a friggin' beer.

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