mt headed things: Kick Cancer In The Balls Day

I think we need to have a national, no, an international Kick Cancer In The Balls Day. It'll be a day where all over the country, I mean the world, we make pretend crotches out of, I don't know, cotton and tin foil or maybe, for the kids, just set up a row of various kickballs or soccer balls. Then we all line up. Next, you guessed it, we all take turns symbolically kicking cancer in the balls! Cuz if I know cancer, one thing cancer really hates is negative publicity, and being kicked in the balls. Are you a Muslim? Are you a Jew? The cool thing about kicking cancer in the balls is it doesn't matter what religion you are! So, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Zoroastrians, let's join hands and kick cancer in the balls! I think even Grandma will like this one. So, cheers, and happy Kick Cancer In The Balls Day! Rock over London. Rock over Chicago. Wheaties, breakfast of champions, and cancer ball-kickers everywhere!

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