mt headed things: Happy Holidays Vs. Merry Christmas

About the Happy Holidays controversy. It doesn't bother me if a mayor or the president says happy holidays instead of merry Christmas. Or holiday tree instead of Christmas tree. After all, Christmas shouldn't be thrown around like it's for everyone. The term should probably be reserved to Christians. Unfortunately, that's not the case in main stream America. Lots of people who aren't religious at all, or aren't Christian celebrate Christmas, as it really has become an American tradition or commercial blitzkrieg, and not really a religious event at all. So Fox News, and my parents, and whatnot, don't get bent out of shape when a politician says happy holidays or holiday tree. Would you rather people who aren't Christians at all, who don't even believe in Christ use the term Christmas, when the word itself Christ-mass, obviously refers to our Lord and Savior? So, in mixed company, I will continue to say happy holidays, since Christmas, without the religious background, is just another holiday on the calendar.

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