mtd bff: Best Christopher Walken Performance

Christopher Walken is one of America's most treasured and revered actors. He's managed to carve a very unique niche into the world of movies.

The first time I ever saw Walken in a film was a movie called, Homeboy. I remember thinking, what the heck is up with this guy. i couldn't tell if he wearing some crazy makeup or the world's worst hair piece ever. I was instantly repelled by him.

Then, strangely enough, my opinion evolved and his eccentric mannerisms and highly unique delivery and accent became something of an obsession of mine. I started trying to find every movie of his I could. I wanted to see it all. This guy seemed absolutely nuts and yet I couldn't take my eyes off him. He is truly one of American cinemas treasures. And he'll probably go down as such.

Honorable Mention: Catch Me If You Can, Brainstorm, The Prophecy, A View To A Kill, Balls Of Fury, Communion, Next Stop Greenwich Village, Suicide Kings, Homeboy

10 The Dead Zone

9 King Of New York

8 Blast From The Past

7 Biloxi Blues

6 Nick Of Time

5 Annie Hall

4 At Close Range

3 True Romance

2 The Deer Hunter

1 Pulp Fiction

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