mtd opinions: What The Heck Is Love?

I would like to know, what the heck is love? What is it? Do you know? If you think you know, think again! You don’t know! Well, maybe you do. I don’t know you don’t know…

There are 5 things people just don’t know.

Things people don’t know #1: The Meaning of Life

People don’t know the meaning of life. If they did, I’m pretty sure nobody would ever do anything. They’d just be doing whatever the meaning of life is all day long. Perhaps that’s the reason it’s kept from us. We can’t have everybody living meaningful lives. I’m pretty sure the meaning of life isn’t playing Guitar Hero. I’m pretty sure it’s not counting the milliseconds until Seacrest decides to tell us who our next American Idol is. I’m pretty sure it’s not our jobs, though this one might be closer than the other two, unless you flip burgers. And who’s to say flipping burgers isn’t anyway? If you don’t know the right answer, who’s to say you know the wrong answer? We just don’t know the meaning of life.

If Graham Chapman and his bunch can’t find the meaning of life, than I’m pretty sure we’re all pretty much out of luck. Still, there’s got to be a purpose to all this. And yet, even that is a complete and utter hunch. Maybe the anarchists have something. But those crazy fools wouldn’t know it if they did. That would kind of be going against their whole anarchy thing if they did.

Philosophers can philosophize, and ruminate on the cosmos and the meaning of life all they want. But at the end of the day, their eureka moments are no more elevated than the inklings of an imbecile. This is a mystery that can’t be unraveled. No, not even Judge Judy could get to the bottom of this one.

Now that I’ve established that no one knows the meaning of life. I think the best thing to do would be to go ahead and tell you what it is.

The meaning of life is a void in our brain, not unlike the void in our heart and the void in our soul. Our brain functions quite well around this unknown mass, and yet has no idea what it is or how to fill it. It is necessary for this void to exist, otherwise nothing would drive us. We must be driven, even if we don’t know exactly why. As long as we keep driving, the void has served its purpose, to keep us guessing. We might project our tenuous assumptions into the unknown, and suppose it must be our children, for instance, that represents the meaning of life. And so we continue to move to that end. And who knows, maybe children are the meaning of life. And then

again maybe they aren’t.

The meaning of life is like a gifted musician, who keeps our legs moving, even if we can’t hear the song.

And this is why nobody knows the meaning of life. Except me.

to be continued....

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