mtd opinions: What the heck is love? (Part 2)

I would like to know, what the heck is love? What is it? Do you know? If you think you know, think again! You don’t know! Well, maybe you do. I don’t know you don’t know…

There are 5 things people just don’t know.

Things people don’t know #2: Where we come from

Speaking for myself, I know I come from New Jersey. As for the rest of you, you don’t know where you come from. If you say you do, then you’re lying.

I can say I come from New Jersey because that’s where I was born. And yet, this has no meaning to me. New Jersey is not my home. Nor is it my true starting point. Conception, that is closer to my origin. Biologically speaking, this might be true. But even before that, I existed. And that’s where the unknown part comes in.

Where do we come from? Could it be, like a hatchery, where our souls are kept amongst a sea of souls in a sort of holding tank and we are fished out when we’re ready to be fitted for a frame? That sounds similar to The Matrix.

The way the soul finds the body is much more organized and fated than that. Call it a hunch. In life there is so much left to chance. Vegas and all the Indian Casinos depend on it. But like the casinos, it isn’t as random as they would have you believe. If there is a God, there is order. If there is order, there is fate. If there is fate, there’s no chance. This is why you are you. You were meant to be you.

You might beg to differ and say, “MTD, you’re full of shit.” And I would have to say, “How can it be that I am full of shit when nobody knows the right answer, and thus nobody knows the wrong answer.” I’m only telling you what I know.

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