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For my next movie pick, I chose Blood Simple. What an amazing movie!

There’s a scenes in this movie that will absolutely never leave me. This is a sign of greatness. When a character in this movie is buried alive. The way it is done, evokes about a million emotions. It’s horrific and disturbing, but almost comical, but in the end just plain unforgettable.

Blood Simple is the Coen Brother’s first movie. Eventually, several of their movies will be on my list of movie picks. They would have to be my absolute favorite movie makers. Even beating out Scorcese and Tarantino. Something about their movies is just too intriguing. Their unpredictable, quirky, unique, fun, scary, disgusting, shocking, true to life, silly, iconic, and lovable, and I think

Blood Simple is a good first impression of this.

I won’t get into plot, I’m not interested in summarizing movie plots. I’m into the emotional connections, which I’ve already touched on, and then the performances. And let me tell you there are some tremendous performances in this movie. Starting with Dan Hedaya, simply incredible. At times you despise him, other times you feel for him. His character is so detestable and base, and yet the Coen Brothers decide to rake him over the coals, and man is it fun to watch.

Then there’s M. Emmet Walsh. Wow! If you don’t know about this actor, than by all means, see this movie and find out who he is. What an incredible performance! His signature high-pitched voice absolutely demands your attention. His many close-ups give you an opportunity to sift through his layers of thought and devilry, and I just love it!

John Getz and Francis McDormand play the forbidden lovers in this movie. They certainly do their part to complete the cast, but in my opinion, the movie is completely man-handled by Hedaya and Walsh. Getz is a serviceable leading man, but his character has a tendency to get annoying. Same thing with Francis McDormand. If you’re looking for another Fargo from her, Blood Simple simply isn’t the vehicle for that. Her character, like Getz’s, is a bit dense, and at times grates on your sensibilities. But like Tristan and Isolde, there really isn’t any cause for them to provide too much interest or insight, character-wise. It is their predicament that attracts you. And it's King Mark and the surrounding characters and their subsequent scrambling to do something about it that make the story.

So, if you like good thrillers, and don’t mind a little quirkiness mixed in, than grab Blood Simple, or put it on your cue, because it is definitely worth it!

Coen Brothers Movie Collection (Fargo/Miller’s Crossing/Barton Fink/Raising Arizona/Blood Simple)

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