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The next person I’d like to fawn over for 600 to 800 words is English born actor, Terence Stamp. Just a little something about what I’m doing. I’m shedding light on some of my favorite actors. Most of the actors I like are kind of obscure, though some aren’t. And some have gotten more and more famous since I started liking them. Obviously, this must be my influence on Hollywood, a cross I’ve had to bear since I was young child growing up in upstate New York.

Anyway, back to Mr. Stamp. Plainly, if you’re familiar with Terence Stamp you will agree that he is simply, one of the most intense actors of our time. His eyes, when they’re flexing his character’s ire, are absolutely breathtaking. Projected on a 30 foot screen, and your heart might stop altogether. Especially if you think for a second his anger is meant for you, at which point you might verily wet yourself before shuffling off this mortal coil.

This might not sound like a positive experience. But if you’re a masochist like me, and have a lot of guilt issues to exorcise, there’s no better way of receiving your twenty lashes than to catch a Terence Stamp flick.

Consider these three Terence Stamp movies for your viewing pleasure. First, Superman II. Many of you have probably already seen this movie. So you might already know the extent of Terence Stamp’s power without even realizing it. Stamp, of course, plays the soulless General Zod in the Superman movies. What unequaled evil he summons up from hell for this part. With the coldness of an executioner, he punishes humans left and right, and Superman himself, and man, do I love every minute of it. Now, anyway. When I was kid, I just wanted to run and hide every time he was on the screen.

The next Terence Stamp vehicle I’d like to focus on is the little known 1984 film, The Hit. He’s actually the protagonist in this film. He’s a psychological mastermind in this film, outwitting and outplaying all the other characters, as if they were putty in his hand. Not a small feat when you’re playing opposite John Hurt and Tim Roth, incredible actors in their own rights. This is a must-see film, and a great character study of a man completely fearless in the face of death. The Hit will be on my favorite movies series eventually.

The last film I’m calling to your attention is The Limey. What a stroke of genius this film is. Terence Stamp is marvelous in this campy, kind of unpredictable film of redemption and revenge. The storytelling is almost semi-conscious and Stamp’s character, Wilson, is an absolutely force of nature. He’s full of reckless abandon and bravado and I love every minute of it. There are other great performances in the film. I have to say, after watching again, recently, The Limey might border on cheesy, but screw all that, it’s still good! Stamp is worth it.

So, hopefully, this little write-up about Stamp will inspire you to catch these films as well as the many more he has in a career spanning over 40 years. You won’t be sorry. I can say that with confidence. Terence Stamp is that good!

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