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I’m writing a series of articles to shed light on some obscure music I think everyone should check out. I’m into all kinds of music but my favorite is 80’s music. I LOVE IT!!!

In this particular article, I’m focusing on the band Aztec Camera. Aztec Camera had a significant following in England and other countries abroad. In America, where I grew up during the 80’s and 90’s, I only heard of the group in passing, remembering only their interesting name and that’s all.

However, I recently stumbled on their hit song “Oblivious” and I was hooked. What an amazing song! It has a serious jazzy groove and a strong guttural bass line, atypical of the usual 80’s pop sound. The structure was surprising and went in all kinds of directions. In the video, Roddy frame, the man behind Aztec Camera, sports a typical 80’s androgynous look, a la Boy George. But as showcased in the video, this boy can play. Great guitar solo!

The next song I discovered was “Walk Into Winter”. Again, it sounded so different. It moved at almost a schizophrenic pace, fast and slow at the same time. In the video, Roddy Frame seems like a different person, far removed from his gender-bending appearance in “Oblivious”, apart from a black mane of hair.

Another song the caught my attention was “Wide & Deep & Tall”. Great song and video! Instant 80’s injection! It’s incredibly poppy but still grooves. And in the video in particular, Roddy Frame’s stone washed jean jacket and pants puts you directly back into the 80’s, where let’s face it, we all wanna be!

If you are a fan of the 80’s or just good music in general, I encourage you to look this group up. There’s a few greatest hits collections, I think, would be worth picking up. And if you’re so inclined, check out the videos on Youtube. Great songs from an incredible songwriter, Roddy Frame.


High Land, Hard Rain (1983) - UK #22

Knife (1984) - UK #14

Love (1987) - UK #10

Stray (1990) - UK #22

Dreamland (1993) - UK #21

Frestonia (1995)


The Best of Aztec Camera

Deep & Wide & Tall: The Platinum Collection

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